Taking a cue from the great Max Roach’s work with his double quartets (as captured on such recordings as Bright Moments, Easy Winners, and Live at Vilharmonie), composer Mark Lomax, II engaged the yet fertile space between European classical and African American improvised musics while harnessing the essence of the Blues sensibility potently captured in the work of August Wilson. Using themes from several plays as a narrative guide, Lomax created a five movement framework that celebrates the unbridled humanity in Wilson’s work.

The Urban Art Ensemble:
Dr. Mark Lomax, II - drums/composer
Edwin Bayard - tenor saxophone
Andrew Carlson - violin
William Manley - violin
Norman Cardwell Murri - viola
Mary Davis Fetherston - cello
Dean Hulett - bass

Video recorded, produced, and edited by Jason Wood and Charles Hairston Audio recorded, mixed and mastered by Mark Lomax, II Blues In August was commissioned and presented by the Johnston Fund for New Music and premiered at the Short North Stage.
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