New Black Eastside Songbook

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Natalie's Coalfired Pizza, 5601 N. High St., Worthington, OH 43085

Streetlight Guild presents an encore performance of “The New Black Eastside Songbook,” a six-song suite conceptualized by Columbus writer Scott Woods, featuring new music composed by Counterfeit Madison, Paisha Thomas, Krate Digga, The Ogun Meji Duo (Mark Lomax and Eddie Bayard), and Jordan Sandidge. “The New Black Eastside Songbook” is an exploration of black life and culture in Columbus historically and now, touching on subjects ranging from local jazz legends and privilege to the police and gentrification. It interrogates the definition of Columbus culture, and what relationship such culture might have to the people who both create and partake of it. Utilizing some of Columbus’ brightest musical talent across a variety of styles and backgrounds, this work seeks to establish a bar for the marriage of political context and musical examination, adding new bricks to the foundation of whatever Columbus