The Last Concert: Ankh & The Tree of Life

Mark Lomax, II

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The Last Concert: Ankh & The Tree of Life is a recording of what would become the ensembles last live concert before the COVID-19 pandemic brought the country to a screeching halt. The significance of this recording is not limited to its relation to the pandemic, it shows an almost 20 year old ensemble in the midst of its first sustained national tour, is a documentation of that artistic growth, and is the first live performance of Ankh & The Tree of Life, a composition created and released as part of Lomax’s monumental 400: An Afrikan Epic project. The Last Concert presents artists at the top of their form, performing in the context of a country in the midst of shutting down to save lives from a global pandemic, and an urgency of knowing this would be the last time they would perform together for the near future.

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    Ankh 36:57
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