We Shall Overcome

Mark Lomax, II

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The Mark Lomax Quartet — with the drummer-leader joined by saxophonist Eddie Bayard, pianist William Menefield, and bassist Dean Hulett — have created an exciting take on the Negro Spiritual with the album We Shall Over Come: Spirituals & The Blues Vol. 2 to be released March 23, 2014, by CFG Multimedia. We Shall Overcome follows Lomax’s lauded 2010 album, The State of Black America — which All About Jazz declared “audacious” in bridging “the firebrand music of the 1960s from today’s world,” walking “the roads traveled by John Coltrane, Albert Ayler, Sonny Rollins, John Tchicai and Archie Shepp... to deliver an unflinching tour-de-force.” !We Shall Overcome - featuring the familiar melodies of popular Negro Spirituals- is an exuberant expression of the continued relevance and power of the Spiritual. The Mark Lomax Quartet is a telepathic unit, colored by Bayard’s moving, full-bodied keening, Menefield’s virtuosic musical expression, Hullet’s Mingus-like tone, and Lomax’s talking drums that propel the music to the edge of the ensembles abilities. This is exciting, affecting music, accessible to all lovers of improvised music past and present. !The release of We Shall Overcome occurs just after the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation- an ideal time to reflect on the roots of African-American culture. While the folk music of other cultures is widely celebrated, the Spiritual has not only served to bring African-Americans through slavery, but became the foundation of popular American music, along with the Blues. Lomax states, “The Spiritual and the Blues are the foundation of all Black music. Innovation in Black art music can only come from a deep understanding of these forms.”

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